Predators: A Musical Novel

Becky and Jon are a couple. They are heading to Paris for a trip. They invite Charlotte, Adrian and Marco to come along. While dining out, the group meets some locals. The locals offer to show the group around Paris. This is a bad idea as the group will soon discover.

I liked the concept of this book. A book that had music to go with each chapter of the book, I never would have thought of that. Though, it did seem a bit disjointed between chapters one and two. Chapter two read like it should have been chapter one. It read with an explanation of how the vampires were reborn and how they feed and than it moved into chapter three which picked up on the story again. Other than this, this book is a quick read. Though for those who have a weak stomach, than beware as the vampires in this book are violet and have no table manners. The only other issue I had with this book is that I didn’t connect with the characters and so when they met their demise, I didn’t care. Predators: A Musical Novel does have some meat to it.


Anonymous said…
What a great concept - music to go with the story. I'll have to pick this one up.

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