A Dog Named Slugger

Leigh Brill has Cerebral palsy. This means that Leigh does not have function of her legs as someone who did not have CP. Though this did not control Leigh and stop her from attending college. While in college, Leigh is introduced to Anne and Caesar. Anne also has CP. Leigh was familiar with serve dogs for the blind but she did not know there were also dogs for people with other disabilities. Anne gives Leigh information on Caring Canine Companion. After being asked a bunch of questions, filling out an application and waiting patiently, Leigh is introduced to Slugger, a yellow Labrador.

Leigh and Slugger became the best of friends. They were together for about ten years. Prior to Slugger going to doggie heaven, Leigh got another yellow Labrador named, Kenda. Though, Leigh now has Kenda, she will never forget Slugger.

I liked this book. It was great getting to meet Leigh and Slugger. I raised a dog for the blind for a year, so I was familiar with what Leigh was explaining and the training she and Slugger had to go through. Also, I have a friend who has CP but she uses crutches. I think that dogs that can help people like this are great. For someone, who wants to get a little feel for what a dog like Slugger can do for a person, than you should check this book out.


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