Warm Bodies is a zombie-fest of fun!

“R” is one of the undead…zombies. His friend is “M”. He is also a zombie. R has come to accept that he is dead, though R may never get over the thoughts of feeling on humans. Yes, it is a way of life but not something that R thrives on. While out on of their many feedings, R and M attack a group of young adults. One of the things about the feedings is that whatever human R feeds on, he gains that person’s memories for a brief while. This time is a young man by the name of Perry Kelvin. Perry has a girlfriend named, Julie Grigio. R feels something while experiencing Perry’s memories. R claims Julie as his own. Soon R and Julie are developing a relationship that one would never expect to blossom.

Warm Bodies is a refreshing, exciting, fast read. Warm Bodies is a zombie-fest of fun! I have read many zombie novels and it seems that they are the newest “it” thing. I can tell you that I have not read a book like this. The zombies in this book have depth and personalities. They are not just blood thirsty, flesh-eating corpses. I actually felt something for R. The interactions between R and Julie were cumbersome at first but than as the story progressed, I could see R and Julie being a believable couple. It was like Julie saw R as a real person and she accepted him for who he was. I can not wait to see what author, Isaac Marion has in store next.


IvaliceAlliance said…
Nice review! Just finished a book about zombies and I was surprised to love it! This one sounds great so I'm definitely adding this to my tbr pile.
Cheryl said…
Hope you enjoy this book

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