Secret Daughter

Jasu and Kavita Merchant lived in a small village of Dahanu in India. Kavita prayed that this time, she would give birth to a son. She can not bear to go through the pain of losing another child. Unfortunately, Kavita’s prayers were unanswered and she gave birth to a little girl named, Usha. Knowing that Kavita’s husband, Jasu would get rid of Usha, Kavita and her sister trek many miles to the nearest orphanage. Kavita never left her husband know what she did.

All the way across the continent, in California, married couple Dr. Krishnan and Dr. Somar Whitman is hoping for a healthy child. Somar ends up having a miscarriage. She is devastated. Krishnan is from India. He suggests that they adopt a child from India. As you can imagine, Somar and Krishnan end up adopting Usha.

I had seen this book in a mailing. It sounded intriguing and I immediately put this book on my wish list. I made the right choice. This book was spell binding. I could not stop reading it. The inter-relationships between Jasu, Kavita, Somar, Krishnan and Usha were nice. Though, I must admit that I found Jasu and Kavita’s story to be more entertaining. At first, I did not think I would like Jasu but as the story progressed, I found that his devotion to Kavita was endearing and he won me over. I can not wait to see what author, Shilpi Somaya Gowda has in store for readers next. Secret Daughter is a book that is meant to be shared and would make the perfect selection at your next book group.


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