Kiss Her, Kill Her is worth your money and time.

Tarryn Cooper Love is a serial killer. His inspiration is Ted Bundy. Only, Tarryn does not want to be like Ted but to surpass him and make his mother proud. Tarryn has the perfect job for getting close to women. He is a taxi driver.

Carmen is a trophy wife. She is tried of being mistreated by her husband. When Tarryn picks Carmen up, he is already thinking about his plans for her. This is until, he hears Carmen’s story. Carmen informs Tarryn that she wants to end her life. This is not good for Tarryn and he likes the fear in his victims before he finishes them off. Tarryn is memorized by Carmen and decides to get to know her better and boost her confidence before he strikes.

If you are expecting this book to be all gory than you will be a little let down. Yes, at parts, when Tarryn is playing back the memories of his kills and at the end but for the most part this book plays more on the psychological aspects than the actual killings themselves. While Tarryn did show a softer side, as softer as you can get from being a serial killer, I was still guarded around him and what he would do next. I kept waiting for the moment that he would snap and lose it. This is what made this book an interesting read. Carmen started out slower for me. I thought she was too whiny but as the story line moved along, she got stronger. Kiss Her, Kill Her is worth your money and time.


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