Hannah Robinson gets a huge surprise when she is getting ready to attend a party with her boyfriend, Patrick. Patrick informs Hannah that he can no longer pretend to love her. He has found someone else. Hannah’s life starts to crumble. She was suppose to open a bakery called Cupcakes on the Corner but without Patrick in her life, she just wants to stay in her home and not leave. Hannah’s good friend, Adam convinces Hannah to open her shop and give it at least seven months before she gives up. Hannah becomes a bit distracted that she does not even notice when a handsome customer starts flirting with her. Oh, what is a woman to do!

To be honest, I personally could not get into this book. I did give it several tries. While, I did think this was a nice read, I just could not connect with the characters. I found them to be a little too into every one else’s business and I especially wanted to shake Hannah and tell her to forget Patrick, she deserved better and move on. Instead, she seemed lost without him and kept pining over him, until about the last half of the book. This is when she did realize that she deserved better and in fact there was someone else that was interested in her. Though, I did like Adam. He was a sweetie and the best friend that anyone could ask for. While this book did not hit my sweet tooth, I would be willing to give author, Roisin Meaney another chance in the future.


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