Come and Find Me

Diana Highsmith has not left her house since her husband, Daniel died. While on a hiking trip in Switzerland, Daniel’s rope came lose and he perished. Diana can remember watching Daniel fall to his death. Since than, Diana has built herself a fortress and the main way that she interacts with people is through a virtual reality world, known as Otherworld.

When, Diana’s sister, Ashley goes missing, Diana will have to leave her virtual reality world and venture into the real world. Can Diana survive the real world?

I have been wanting to try out author, Hallie Ephron ever since I saw her first novel, Never Tell a Lie. I still had not read this book but decided to start with Come and Find Me. I have to say that while, I did like this novel, it was like I kept waiting for it to pick up and go full speed. It never really got there for me. Though, I did find Diana’s panic attacks intriguing. Not so much that she had them but what she experienced, when she had one. I have never really experienced someone having one as intense as Diana does. Like the first time that Diana went to get into her car for the first time in a long time and drive. She had barely gotten half way down the drive way before she drove back in her garage, parked the car, and ran and hide under a table for several hours. While, there was a surprise that came in the last third of the story, as I got to thinking about it after, it was not really such a surprise. I knew something was up and was not really what it was until it appeared. Overall, I thought this was an alright book but I still do plan to check out Never Tell a Lie.


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