It is nothing but Even Money

Teddy “Ned” Talbot has had both his feet in the horse and bookie world, since he was a little boy. He worked as a runner for his grandfather. He knows all there is about the business of being a really good bookie.

Ned is approached by a man claiming to be his father. Ned doesn’t believe him as his father and mother died in a car crash years ago. Ned has no choice but to believe the man when he knows details and facts about things that only Ned’s father would know. Before they can get close, a man approaches them and demands to know where the money is from Ned’s father. Ned calls for help and the man flees. By this time it is already too late. His father has been stabbed to death. Ned goes to his father’s hotel room and there he finds lots of cash and a strange device that is every bookie’s dream.

I have been eyeing Dick Francis’s books for some time but just never read one till now. A reason I was drawn to this author is because of the horse on the cover. I am a sucker for horse elated books or books that have horses on the covers. I though this was a so, so read. The plot had some interesting parts but it couldn’t hold up all the way through for me. Ned never really connected with me on a level that made me want to get drawn into the story fully. The authorities were clueless and if it wasn’t for Ned the case would have gone unsolved. Unfortunately Even Money wasn’t a Triple Crown winner this time.


Regina said…
I've seen his books around for years but never picked one up. Now, I know I probably never will! Thanks for your honesty!
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