Have your dessert and enjoy it too!

First off I love my sweets but lately I have been trying to eat healthier. I had no expectations when I first got this book. I know next to nothing about foods in their raw states. When I opened this book, I was surprised at all the different recipes there were to choose from. There was everything from…Almond-Pecan crust to Dark Chocolate Truffles. The best part about these mouth-watering desserts is that they seem to be the healthier version.

I am glad that Jennifer added a guide of the ingredients mentioned in this book and explained what they were, as I had never heard of some of these items. There were ingredients listed like...Agave syrup, a syrup that is made from the agave plant. The syrup comes in two different kinds…the light for a mild sweetness or the dark for a more molasses flavor. Then there was Agar flakes. The Agar flake is a gelatin mixture that is made from various sea vegetables. My other favorite thing about Raw for Dessert is that all the desserts do not have to be cooked! With Raw for Dessert you can have your cake and enjoy it too. This is a must have book for anyone looking for an alterative to healthier desserts.


Anonymous said…
And no cooking! Sounds like a good one. Thanks!

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