Are you in need of some Urgent Care?

The ladies of Angel of Mercy hospital are back. This time the cases are personal. When Charge Nurse, Nora Halloran discovers Nurse Karen Chisholm nude body lying at the cemetery, her defenses go down and she is flooded by bad memories. Nora has a secret that she has kept for two years. No one knows about it. Karen’s death causes a shocking revelation by Nora. She admits she killed Karen.

In the mean time, Gina Freeman’s latest patient is a young boy by the name of Tank. His real name is Harold Trenton III. He is fourteen and he has meningococcemia. A flesh eating bacteria disease that is very contagious.

Amanda has problems of her own. A young woman by the name of Natalie has been brought to Mercy. No one knows anything about Natalie, other than she is deadly sick and has seizures. Amanda has made it her mission to determine what is wrong with Natalie before it is too late.

Urgent Care is the third medical novel by CJ Lyons. I really like this series. The characters are real and so are the patients, they treat. If you are a fan of television dramas like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, House, and Scrubs than you need to check out this series. This series centers on four women…Dr. Lydia Fiore, Charge Nurse, Nora Halloran and Medical Student, Amanda Mason and Resident, Gina Freeman. It has been great, experiencing how these ladies have progressed from the first book, Lifelines. One thing that bummed me a little was that the sparkle from the two prior books didn’t seem like it was all here in the latest. On the other hand I did like that the story line took on a more serious issue. This was Nora’s moment. It was nice to see her walls come down and she begin to open up. CJ Lyons is exactly what the doctor ordered! I can’t wait to read the next novel.


I have this series on my TBR list. I like the cover theme on all the books and I'm planning on getting the first book sometime soon.

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