Ruined: A Ghost Story

Rebecca’s father has sent her to stay with her Aunt Claudia and Claudia’s daughter, Aurelia while he goes to China for a bit. Rebecca doesn’t want to stay with her aunt. To make matters worse, all the kids at school are stuck up rich snots. They treat Rebecca as if she was dirt. Rebecca could are less about them and what they think. She would like nothing better than to go back home to New York.

Aunt Claudia’s home is right close to the cemetery. One night Rebecca hears a group of kids from the school sneaking into the cemetery. She decides to follow them to see what they are doing. She is almost caught but Lisette, another girl shows Rebecca the way out. The next day Rebecca returns to the cemetery to thank Lisette. You can imagine Rebecca’s surprise when she learns that Lisette is a ghost. Lisette needs Rebecca’s help. In order to be set free, Lisette’s killer must face justice.

I thought this book was pretty good. I say this because I was expecting the spook factor to be higher, though seeing as to this book is classified as a young adult novel, than Ruined has just the right amount of chills. One other issue I did have was that everyone besides Rebecca and Lisette were so superficial that I got really turned off by them. This book is a quick read. I am happy to say though that Ruined: A Ghost Story did not ruin me from trying Paula Morris out again.


Unknown said…
I like the idea of it, but from what you've said, doesn't really look like the gothic ghost story i was hoping for :| d'oh.
Mishel said…
I have this on my TBR list. I'll definitely keep your thoughts in mind =)

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