Dial Emmy for Murder

There is only so much gossip and finger pointing an actor like Alexis Peterson can take from her own cast mates. She leaves The Yearning Tide to join the cast of The Bare and the Brazen. This sets the media a buzz with frenzy. Following a murder case that Alexis helped solved previously, she is ready for a break. Unfortunately she is busy preparing to co-present Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series with her new leading man…the hunky Jackson Masters.

It comes time for Alexis and Jackson to present and Jackson is no where to be found. The show must go on. Alexis presents by herself, when suddenly Jackson’s body drops from the ceiling, landing right next to her. Detective Frank Jakes, Alexis’s on again and off again love interest is on the case. He asks Alexis to assist him. As whom better to help find a killer in a world where back stabbing is the name of the game…than a soap star.

What a fun, quick read. Alexis is like a modern day Nancy Drew. She is so loveable. Author, Eileen Davidson infuses her work as a reigning queen of soap operas and combines it with the world of mystery. Any fan of soaps will love this book and Alexis. The cast of characters are all relatable to the characters from both The Young and The Restless and Days of Our Lives. Hey, even the names of the shows Alexis used to star in…The Yearning Tide and The Bare and the Brazen are both plays on the other shows. I didn’t read the prior novel, Death in Daytime that also featured Alexis but Dial Emmy for Murder can be read as a stand alone novel. This book is just plain old fashion fun and quirky. I plan to check out Death in Daytime.


Unknown said…
This sounds so great and is going on my tbr list right now. Thanks so much for the pick!

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