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If She Only Knew 
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2022 
Genre: Psychological Thriller 

She’s got a killer secret… Eden Wyatt knows three things to be true: She’s a mother. She’s a survivor. She’s a killer. After murdering her husband, she’s committed to a hospital for the criminally insane. She has forty-five days to convince them she’s no longer a danger to others. But soon, evidence begins to surface suggesting Eden is spiraling out of control again. Only this time, her rage has a new target. Can she accept what she’s done when she uncovers the truth built on lies? Or will the facts finally push her over the edge? Add to Goodreads

My Review

This story starts out on a very high note. One that got my attention. Yet, it seemed to than slow down a lot. All the pieces of the puzzle surrounding Eden were long and drug out. Which to a point I would not have minded if it was not for the fact that I did not feel a strong emotional connection to Eden.

I mean I felt for Eden but did not really feel like she was fighting for herself. She seemed to be persuaded by Layla and others. Which sadly does happen to people with mental health issues. Where Layla is concerned, I did not like her. There was something about her that just rubbed me the wrong way.

Although, I did see where the story was going and how it would end, so it was not really a surprise to me. Yet, I did keep reading until the end. Overall, I thought this was a fine book. However, I would try another book by this author again.


“Has anyone been helping you out?” Layla asked. “Who. Who’s going to help me? Ben?” Eden’s tone was livid. “Just wait until I see that asshole…  Just one time, that’s all it’ll take.” Eden pulled up next to her at the sink, close enough that Layla felt her breath hot against her cheek, and she whispered in a childlike voice. “I hear them talking.” She tapped her temple with her finger. “You know what they’re saying…Kill Ben, Eden. Kill him.” And she craned her neck back and laughed. She laughed so hard tear streamed down her face.
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About the Author


 Eva Mackenzie is an author who enjoys twisty, emotionally engrossing tales. She is a wife and mother living on the east coast. When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her family, training for her next marathon or reading stacks of suspense novels. Some of her favorite authors are Minka Kent, Dean Koontz, Tami Hoag, and Lisa Jackson.

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