Book Review: Pretty White Lies


Love was the sensation that set me free.
It was in those stolen moments and forbidden touches I found who I belonged to.
Held in your arms, I finally saw what forever could look like, and when I sank into your kiss, heaven revealed itself to me.
Your love was my elixir, my muse. It gave me life, and I offered it to you freely, and you took it without remorse.
You let it feed you, and in return, you woke something inside me. Or maybe you simply made me aware of what lingered there all along, hiding underneath sweet, pretty smiles.
I love you, and I know you love me, but what is love but chaos set loose?
And can we really call it that if no one gets hurt?

My Review

Holy Cow! That is my first thought after reading this book. Pretty White Lies is one heck of a scorching, amazing read! Once I started reading, I could not stop. In fact, I finished this book in one evening. Readers who have had fantasy dreams about teacher/student. than this book will hit that spot for you. 

Scarlett and Theodore definitely do not keep it PG -13. While there is the age gap and cheating element from Theo, these two's relationship did not feel though inappropriate. It was a consensual intimate relationship. 

I was getting some cat and mouse vibes that I really enjoyed. Scarlett played the vixen part well. This book is broken into two parts. I thought the first part was great, but the second part got even better. It was truly the icing and cherry on top.


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