Book Review: Wicked Little Sins


Welcome to Castle Pointe, where the dead never sleep.

What does it feel like to kiss death?

Being thrust into a town so sinister, corrupted by such malevolence, was never my intent.

It was foolish to play with the dead, but so was falling for my cruel, wicked stepbrother.

The fact he looked like a God didn’t matter, because I’m almost positive he was my very own devil.

His games were deadly, and he terrorized me at every turn.

Together we were toxic, but nothing could have stopped me from becoming captivated by his darkness.

It may have been thoughtless to mess around with witchcraft, because I didn’t realize death would cling to me at every turn.

I wouldn’t be able to escape it, no matter how desperately I tried.

I should have listened when they told me,

The dead never sleep in Castle Pointe.

Warning: Wicked Little Sins contains information that may be sensitive or triggering to some readers.

Book Review

After finishing the Blackridge Prep trilogy, I was ready to read more books by A.R. Breck. This book is totally different from the other trilogy. It was not what I was expecting but it was a very, nice surprise. I am really digging the gothic vibes. Talk about an angsty read! The dynamics between Malik and Vera had me in a constant tug and pull of an emotional roller coaster ride!

When it came to Malik, I hated him for what he did to Vera. Even when he learned what was happening to Vera, he still asserted himself towards Vera. Their relationship is a true enemies to lovers. By the end of the story, my feelings towards Malik did less a bit to not be "hate". I do look forward to reading book two to see how Malik and Vera's relationship progresses. But after reading the other trilogy, I know that these two will not have an easy path to take. 


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