Book Review: Jagged Harts


I’m a survivor. A fighter down to my blood. I need the release that comes when I step in that octagon, I crave it.
I spent too long being beat down and broken in every sense of the word, and I almost didn’t make it.
Fighting saved me though and then I saved myself.
When I am offered a full ride scholarship to a college in the middle of nowhere Alabama over 2000 miles away, I grab the chance with both hands and run like hell.
What I didn’t expect to find when I got there was a local underground brawler that has more likeness to a local celebrity than the arrogant broody bastard who seems to be everywhere I turn.
Dax Hart.
Every man wants to be him, and every woman wants to be under him.
Except for me.
I have no intention of getting caught up with the short tempered sexy as sin asshole.
Even if his broken jagged pieces are a mirror image of mine.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. From the first moment I met both Aubrey and Dax I liked them. It was nice to see Dax not be condescending towards Aubrey. He respected her. Aubrey showed that she could handle herself in the ring. MMA is not just a male dominant sport anymore. 

When it came to the romance between these two, it was a slow burn. I am here for the slow burn romance as it was more believable; especially considering Aubrey's past. So that when they did finally hook up, it was very hot. I finished this book in a matter of a few days. I look forward to reading more books by Katelyn Taylor. Romance readers will love Jagged Harts. 


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