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I'm so excited to share this amazing book with you today! Read on for more details about Come True: A Bomb-Ass Genie Romance by Brindi Quinn! You're going to want to read this one! COMETRUEgoodreads Come True: A Bomb-Ass Genie Romance Publication Date: April 27th, 2022 Genre: New Adult/ Paranormal Romance/ Comedy Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing 

★A jaded girl. A persistent genie. A contest of souls.
★ Recent college graduate Dolly Jones has spent the last year stubbornly trying to atone for a mistake that cost her everything. She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t make new friends and she sure as hell doesn’t treat herself to things she hasn’t earned, but when her most recent thrift store purchase proves home to a hot, magical genie determined to draw out her darkest desires in exchange for a taste of her soul, Dolly’s restraint, and patience, will be put to the test. 

Newbie genie Velis Reilhander will do anything to beat his older half-brothers in a soul-collecting contest that will determine the next heir to their family estate, even if it means coaxing desire out of the least palatable human he’s ever contracted. As a djinn from a ‘polluted’ bloodline, Velis knows what it’s like to work twice as hard as everyone else, and he won’t let anyone—not even Dolly f*cking Jones—stand in the way of his birthright. He just needs to figure out her heart’s greatest desire before his asshole brothers can get to her first. 

COME TRUE: A BOMB-ASS GENIE ROMANCE is the romantic, fantastic second-coming-of-age story of two flawed twenty-somethings from different realms battling their inner demons, and each other, one wish at a time. Add to Goodreads

My Review

This book is one that I have recently been seeing around the bookstagram community. I am happy to report that it does live up to its reputation. Come True is a funny read with a spicy kick to it. Dolly and Velis were really good together. 

Dolly is a no-nonsense kind of woman. While, she may not have really believed in genies in the beginning. She was not easily swayed either by Velis. Velis had a witty side to him that I loved. Which really made for some entertaining banter between him and Dolly. 

Yet, when these two stopped the witty banter for a bit, is when the passion between them heated up. It sure made me want my own genie. Readers of fantasy and romance alike will really enjoy reading this book. I know I have become a fan of Brindi after reading this book. I look forward to reading more books by this author. 


I’ve been poisoned? I’ve had an allergic reaction? There are toxins held within that ancient turquoise glass? These are the thoughts racing through me as I blink open my eyes and find my face planted on the kitchen floor. Never a good idea to get eye-level with your kitchen floor. One finds all sorts of treasures hiding out under crannies and betwixt nooks. I see an eraser, a spill mark, a hair cluster and . . . feet. FEET? There are most certainly bare feet standing on the other side of my open fridge door! At least I got my wish. A burglar came for me instead of fire. I reach for a gun, but I have no gun. I don’t even like guns. So what do I grab? A fucking glue gun from the craft bin beside my kitchen table. And I hold it with all the confidence it hasn’t earned. “L-Larry?” I venture. “Is that you?” Larry’s the name of the super. The only one that should have keys to my apartment. The fridge door slams, and feet much too tan to be Larry’s begin closing in on me. Not to mention, Larry always, always, always wears socks. One time, I saw him wear them under flip-flops. That toe-separator was working overtime. I digress, and the feet are nearly upon me, soon accompanied by a head dropping into frame; the intruder has just crouched. Definitely not Larry. Larry’s incapable of smirking like that. WHAT THE FUCK? It’s a guy and, let’s be real, it’s a guy of higher than average features, with dusk-blue hair tossed effortlessly with product and eyes a paler shade of blue than I thought possible on a person. Sharp, the centers pierce like turrets through a blizzard while the corners taper with smug amusement. Oh, yeah, and did I mention he’s NAKED? All but for a pair of gray sweatpants low around his waist and rolled up at the ankles. “Hello, Master,” he says with undue familiarity. “Sorry for invading your refrigerator. You were taking your time, and I was getting hungry.” He makes a chomping noise with his teeth. “Stay back!” I scamper into a sitting position and steadily crab crawl away from him, holding the glue gun like it might fool him into thinking I’m armed. “No use pulling the trigger,” he counters, straightening to reveal a body that’s lean. “Your bullets will miss me every time.” He . . . thinks it’s a real gun? But it has a cord! No matter. “I have a very steady hand,” I assert, knowing my hand is anything but. “You have three seconds to get out of here or I’ll shoot!” It sounds like something someone would say in a movie—from what I remember of movies. “I don’t doubt your hand, Master,” he says and takes a step closer. “But you’re incapable of hurting me physically. It won’t work, even if you try.” Again, this is clearly a glue gun. “How did you get in here?” I demand. “We’re on the third floor, and I know I locked the door.” He tips his head. “Really? You’re the one that brought me in. You said I could spend the night. And then you sealed it with a kiss.” Blinks befall me—One. Two. Three. “You were in my apartment the whole time?!” I jab the glue gun in his direction and notice for the first time that it has a half-used stick of glue butting out the ass of it. “You were watching when I kissed that—that vase?!” And, oh, dear lord, now we’ve admitted to another living person that we kissed a vase. “Vase?” He shakes his head comically as though this is all a big misunderstanding. “No, no. That’s not a vase. It is my holding vessel. I’d invite you in for a tour, but it’s a bit cramped.” “Your holding vessel? As in something that contains you?” I look between the shirtless, blue-haired guy, eyes trailing over the tight chest of him before flicking to the bottle on the counter in all its arcane wonder. “As in, you expect me to believe you came out of it? Like you’re a . . . a genie or something?” “To be honest, genie is kind of a derogatory term where I come from, but—” “Get out.” I prod the glue gun at him with new vigor. “Get out, get out, get out!” For a moment, it’s as if a shadow settles over his brow as a shimmer from some nonexistent light source catches his eye. “Is that a wish?”
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About the Author

20220108_145943 Brindi Quinn is a fangirling fantasy author from Minnesota specializing in world-building and romance. She is an advocate of quirky love and firmly believes that banter makes the heart grow fonder. Her main ingredients for a great read are spice, sparkle, and SWOON. Since 2011, Brindi has written over a dozen young adult and new adult novels beginning with her debut epic fantasy series, Heart of Farellah. Her works often blur the lines between paranormal romance, science fiction, and fantasy, and her series have been hailed as unique, addictive reads by reviewers. Brindi is an IT Project Manager by day and has a bachelor’s in communication-based studies from Southern New Hampshire University. She lives in suburban Minnesota where she likes to bike, indulge in video game lore, and spend time with her life partner, Kent, the world’s cutest pup, Burton, and the fluffle of cantankerous rabbits that hop around her house. Brindi is published through Never & Ever Publishing and Midnight Tide Publishing.

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