Book Review: Jackass


JACKASS, Book Three in the Bombshells Series

It was only supposed to be a “friends with benefits" arrangement. Very little emphasis on the friend’s part. Alexa couldn’t stand Rhys 90% of the time. His smug arrogance, player reputation and need to flirt with any and all women drove her crazy. But the sex was so good it was hard to say no.

Rhys wanted Alexa from the second he saw her. Maybe he only wanted her in his bed at first but the more he got to know her, the more he wanted of her. Her sassy mouth, bratty attitude and strangely enough, her warm heart. When Rhys thinks Alexa is breaking off their arrangement, he’s quick to end it himself. The truth of the situation was more shocking than the fact that he was falling for her.

Now they both have to grow up and see if the thing they need most is each other or a bigger line drawn in the sand. The real question is, can he go from total Jackass to relationship material?

My Review

The wait is almost here. It seemed like forever since I read book two and was left waiting for book three...Alexa and Rhys story.

Carla does not disappoint. I thought book two was my favorite but this one is my newest favorite in this series. If you love romance and witty humor than, you are going to love this book.

Alexa and Rhys are probably the most damaged out of all of the characters but they are each other's rock. I really felt the emotions running through the pages of this story. Every time that Rhys was holding Caraleigh my heart just melted. Just because there were tender moments does not mean that this is a "sweet" book. No, it is sweet but sweet and very spicy hot!

Can we talk about the ending and the cliff hanger that author, Clara left me with. Uh, I am going to need book four stat.


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