Cover Reveal: Short Stories for the Long Haul

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Looking for a collection that has something for every mood? Check out Short Stories for the Long Haul by John T. Buckley! Coming soon! W2K-Short Stories for the Long Haul-Final-Front Cover Short Stories for the Long Haul Expected Publication Date: August 12th, 2022 Genre: Anthology/ Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Crime Fiction & More A collection of short stories that explore the human condition. Everything from a self absorbed wannabe quarterback who gets his shot, to a woman who marries her dog… Coming Soon!

About the Author

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John T. Buckley is a 47 year old writer from Maine who’s been writing most of his life. He also loves to paint and seeing the world. He studied at University of Southern Maine as well as at SMTC in Cape Elizabeth. Fun fact, John T. Buckley was once the lead singer in a band called Mammyth.
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