Mrs. Perfect

Taylor Young had the perfect life. She had a fine-looking husband three beautiful children, and a house that you could only dream about. You could say that Taylor lived the lap of luxury till now. Taylor’s husband shares with her that they are broke. So broke that he informs Taylor that she should start looking for a…gasp…J_O_B! What is Taylor going to do? She has not worked in a long time. The only thing Taylor is good at is spending money and lots of it.

Taylor can’t believe they are in this situation. All Taylor knows is that she can’t let any of her friends find out. Taylor ends up find an unlikely friend in her arch nemesis, Marta Zinsser. Soon Taylor is putting away all the designer clothes and getting her hands dirty in the real world.

You would think from the summary that Taylor would be a rich, spoiled diva, which at the beginning Taylor was that was but soon after she turned out to be pretty tolerable. For this I am thankful. If Taylor has stayed a diva the whole way through the story, it would have been hard for me to read. I probably wouldn’t have given this book a chance; except that I read Ms. Porter’s Flirting with Forty and enjoyed it. Plus I am not a big fan of the chick lit books, but hey every once in a while; everyone needs something that lightens the mood from psychopathic serial killers. Mrs. Perfect did just that for me, so for this reason, I say Mrs. Perfect was just that…perfect!


Ruth Schaller said…
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