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This book does not release till January 27 but to get you hyped as if you weren't already to get this book, I am sharing with you my review. I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of this book.

Matt Martin was a part time college student and major computer hacker. He didn’t really have any friends and he rarely left the house, so why was he murdered?

Detective Mary Catherine”M.C.” Riggio and her partner, Detective Kitt Lundgren are back again. It seems in their latest case that someone is making it personal for M.C.

First M.C’s fiancé, Daniel Gallo, is found shot in the head and then her cousin, Tommy is found also shot in the head in his home. Who would want to kill Daniel and Tommy? At first the circumstance seems like Daniel was a victim of the wrong place, wrong time scenario but upon further investigation it seems that M.C. didn’t really have a clue about who the real Daniel was. Before M.C. has a chance to wrap her mind about her fiancé, more college students have been murdered.

M.C. and Kitt discover that all of the victims were key players in a mass cyber ring. M.C. and Kitt are joined by Jonathan Smith with the FBI. Soon all three of them find themselves caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a killer known as Breakneck.

M.C and Kitt are two of my favorite detectives. So glad to visit with them again. I thought M.C. brought a good range of depth to her character with all the different emotions, she experienced from joy, sorrow, anger, and revenge. Kitt is the best partner anyone could every have. She always has M.C.’s back. Author, Erica Spindler serves up one hot, steamy plate of suspense, intrigue, and a heart-pounding good time in her latest novel, Breakneck. I read this whole book in one sitting. I was glued to my sit till the very end. The ending I might add was great. It was a surprise ending for me. I did not expect the curve-ball that got thrown to me.


Becky LeJeune said…
Great review! I'll definitely check this one out.
Linda Jacobs said…
You have such an intriquing writing style that I always want to read all the books you review!

The Bookworm said…
Hi Cheryl, happy sunday salon.
This ones does sound good.

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