It's going to be Fire during the day and Ice at night

Jilly Lovitz has come to spend some time visiting her sister, Summer and brother in law, Taka, in Japan. She arrives to an empty house. She is barley there but a few hours when she is rushed away from her sister’s home on the back of a motorcycle but the one person she didn’t expect to see again… Reno.

Reno is the newest agent to join the Committee. He and Jilly met once before, a long time ago. It was during one of the missions he was on. Right away he and Jilly had a connection. When Reno volunteered to travel to Japan to keep Summer’s sister safe, he didn’t realize how much he might be getting in over his head. Right away Reno and Jilly are running for their lives. There are assassins after them. In the meantime, through it all, Jilly and Reno can’t deny the passion they feel for each other.

Fire and Ice is about the fifth book in Anne Stuart’s “Ice” series. I have enjoyed reading every book I have read in this series thus far. The best part about this series is that you don’t necessary have to read any of the books in order. Heck, I started out with book three before I even realized it was part of a series. These books have all the high-octane adventure that I love as well as intrigue, intensifying romance, and great plots. In each book, you get to met new agents with the Committee. I have read some of Ms. Stuart’s other novels like her historical romances and contemporaries but I still love her suspense thrillers the best. I hope to see this series progress for a long time to come.


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