Houston, We have a Problema

Jessica Luna was just like any other twenty-something woman. She had a job, and a boyfriend. Unfortunately, her co-workers are telling Jessica she should shoot for the top of the career path but her friends are suggesting that Jessica can do better and to ditch her job. Then there is her boyfriend, Guillermo, who is a very talented artist but who doesn’t have a lot of time for her.

Jessica decides to seek out the advice of the resident psychic, Madame Hortensia. Madame tells Jessica to prepare for some changes in her life. It is not long after her visit that Jessica meets Jonathan. Jessica is in awe of Jonathan. He is the exact opposite of Guillermo. Jessica is enjoying this new world that Jonathan is showing her; there is just one problem…Jessica is still torn between work and her feelings for Guillermo.

I expected this book to be a fun, upbeat read. What I got instead was disappointment. The reason I say this is because I struggled to finish this book. Then there is the issue with Jessica. I found her to be boring and weak. She let everyone else around her dictate her life for her but when she finally decided to stand up for herself, it was too late. What should have ended up being a victory that Jessica took control of her life, made me shout out about time. Though I did like the Latino spice that author, Gwendolyn Zepeda brought to Houston, we have a problema.


Darlene said…
Sorry you didn't really like the book Cheryl. I always feel so let down when I'm disappointed by a book.
The Bookworm said…
sorry to hear it was dissapointing, the description sounded good.

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