Return of the Rogue

I am sad but happy at the same time. By posting this review for Return of the Rogue, it means I have completed Naida's Romance Reading Challenge

Just because I have finished the challenge does not mean you can't join. There is still time to join this challenge.

The year was the late 1500s. The place is the Scottish highlands.

Honora Tannach’s stepfather, Calum has arraigned for her marriage to the next laird of the Sinclare clan. Honora does not mind as she has gotten to know her proposed husband, Artair a little bit, so he isn’t a total stranger to her. Much to Honora’s surprise, she comes to discover on the day of her wedding that she is not to marry Artair but Cavan. To add insult to injury, Cavan does not want Honora; much less any wife.

Cavan didn’t know what to expect about his homecoming after being gone so long. He had been a prisoner of barbarian leader, Mordrac. All, Cavan did know was that he did not expect to be married. Will Honora and Cavan make this marriage work or was it a lost cause from the very beginning?

Honora has a very caring, honest, and friendly nature about her that just makes everyone around her fall in love with her, including me. Then there is Cavan, who is strong, brooding but a good protector. Honora and Cavan meshed well together. I admit that I am impressed by how much I liked Return of the Rogue. I read this book with ease. It is books like these as to why I enjoy reading this genre of historical, romantic novels. I plan on reading more books by Donna Fletcher.


The Bookworm said…
Glad you liked it cheryl! I liked this one too.
And wow, congrats on finishing the challenge, you are fast :)
Anonymous said…
That is fantastic! I can't believe you finished the challenge so quickly. What am I saying? Yes, I can. You are an awesome reader!

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