Ursa Major

Sarah Dyle works for Hodges Associates as a senior researcher. Her next assignment has her flying out to the great outdoors of Alaska. There she will spend time visiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. After doing so, she will write her report on whether or not the drilling company can expand into the wildlife refuge. But first Sarah will have to get her mind off her sexy guide, Liam.

Liam really hopes that he can convince Sarah to help save the refuge. All of the animals including the bears are his friends. Instantly Liam feels an attraction to Sarah and knows she feels the same way. The more time Liam spends with Sarah, the more he realizes that he will eventually need to let her in on a secret he has kept from her. How will Sarah handle the news? To find out you will just have to read Ursa Major.

I was so glad to see that Sarah was not the wilting flower Liam first thought she was but instead turned out to be the type of woman, who could handle herself in any type of situation and didn’t mind getting dirty along the way. Liam is exactly the kind of guy; I want to keep me warm during those long, cold Alaskan nights. He is tall, dark and rugged. It was a pleasure reading Ursa Major. Mary Winter has an excellent talent for good storytelling. It was like I could feel the bitterness in the air and hear the roaring of the river. Mary Winter can pat herself on the back for another great read with Ursa Major!


Anonymous said…
You are reading some of the best books!

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