Celtic Bonds

Susan White was on a big in England, when she found an artifact. All of a sudden lightning strikes and Susan hits her head on a rock. When she awakes, she learns she has gone back in time, to the era of Boudica. A time when Druids and Romans still existed.

Govan thought he had lost his one and only chance at his soul mate. While out walking, Govan stumbles upon Susan. Govan wonders who this strange woman is. She dresses and talks funny. Susan is trying to figure out where she is. Right away Govan feels a connection with Susan. All Susan can think about is getting back to the present, that is till she possessed by Govan’s touch.

I loved that Susan was not a perfect size two but a size fourteen. Even with her being normal sized, Govan loved her. To him, Susan was just right. Who knew Druids could be so sexy. All I have to say is…Govan dominates both in and out of the bedroom. I have not read many Druid stories but every time I read one I have read so far, thanks to authors like Terri Pray, I can now safely say I love Druids. Celtic Bonds is a great short story. I look forward to more good reading from Terri Pray.


Anonymous said…
This sounds really good!

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