Flirting with Temptation

Babette Robinson has never been good at holding a job. Her longest record has been eight weeks. The only thing Babette has even been really good at is helping people with relationships. When Babette’s grandmother, Gertrude suggests that Babette start her own business helping people get back together, Babette thinks that is a great idea.

You can now just start calling Babette “The Love Doctor”. Babette’s business has been booming. Her success rate so far is one hundred percent satisfied couples. It seems even rich socialites need help every once in a while. Kitty Carelle is that socialite. Kitty hires Babette to talk to her ex, Jeff Eubanks into giving her a second chance. What Kitty doesn’t know is that Jeff also happens to be Babette’s ex as well!

When Jeff finds out that Babette is coming to see him; he decides to have some fun with her. Jeff tells Babette that for the next seven days, she can’t flirt. You can guarantee that Jeff will do everything in his powers to tempt Babette. Fun, sun, and a sexy hunk…oh my.

From the first moment I picked up Flirting with Temptation, I was in stitches from laughing so much. I mean who wouldn’t laugh at two senior citizens fighting in wheelchairs to the denture stealing grandma. Babette and Jeff make the perfect couple. Babette is the damsel in distress and Jeff is her knight in shining armor. Kelley St. John knows just how to serve it up right with a hot, steamy romance and plenty of sauciness. I can’t wait to dive into more excellent reads from Kelley St. John.


serendipity_viv said…
Sounds like a good book. Hope you don't mind -followed a link from J.Kaye's blog. Just read about your Hamish Mcbeth book which interested me as I remember watching it on TV about 10 years ago. Great blog.
Darlene said…
Woo hoo, that's quite the cover. I'm not one for a lot of romancey books but the ones that mix in a lot of comedy really crack me up. This one sounds good.
The Bookworm said…
nice cover! great review :) I like it when a book can make me laugh.
Cheryl said…
Scrap Girl -So nice of you to visit my blog.

Dar- I agree that romantic comedies are the best.

Thanks Naida
Anonymous said…
You find some of the best books...I think I have only told you that a zillion times!

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