Leaving Whiskey Bend

Hallie Wolcott and her friend, Pearl Parsons keep believing that there has got to be better places to live then Whiskey Bend, Colorado. So when their friend, Mary needs to escape from her abuse stepbrother, they seize this opportunity to leave Whiskey Bend. The three ladies make their way across the plains to anywhere but Whiskey Bend. An unforeseen incident takes place and the women are beside themselves on what to do next.

Eli Morgan, a rancher comes upon the ladies and takes them back to his ranch. Eli has come back home, after being gone for four years in the military. He didn’t know what to expect about his homecoming but he never imagined rescuing three woman or falling for one of them. The more time Eli spends with Hallie…the more he realizes how lonely he has been for a companion. Hallie and the rest of the women barely know Eli but they will have to trust him as Mary’s stepbrother is after them.

It was like I had my own homecoming with reading Leaving Whiskey Bend. I have always enjoyed reading any book by Dorothy Garlock. It has been a while since I have picked one up to read. This story was just what I would expect from Mrs. Garlock. It had characters you could call in love with as well as a good storyline. Hallie, Pearl and Mary showed that through adversities that women can rise to any occasion when they put their minds to it. I would recommend Dorothy Garlock to anyone who was looking for a good book to read.


The Bookworm said…
This does sound like a good one, great review.

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