Are you a Somebody or a Nobody?

I want to thank Bethany with Cadence Marketing Group for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Battles between Somebodies and Nobodies: Combat Abuse of Rank at Work and at Home by Julie Ann Wambach, Ph.D. is one of those types of books that everyone should read.

Julie Ann talks about how somebodies and nobodies are created, which than leads to rankism. Rankism is described as the misuse of position by those in power when they mistreat individuals who are less forceful.

Where you will most likely engage in rankism is at any type of organization, where a group of people are involved. This is not to say there is anything wrong with that, as even animals establish some form of rankism. What Julie Ann explains in Battles between Somebodies and Nobodies is how to best approach rank and what steps you can take for yourself.

What I enjoyed the most about this book was that it was easy to read and understand. The chapters were broken out into short ones with identifiable titles. The best part was the chapter summaries. Within each chapter on the last page you can find these summaries, to help re-cap what was just being said. This book is very informative. I also felt like Julie Ann Wambach, Ph.D did a great job keeping a neutral ground, so that if someone reading this book fell into either the somebodies or nobodies, they would not feel offended and would hopefully use this as a guide to better improve themselves.

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Anonymous said…
Great review! And I agree, this a great book for everyone.

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