The Keepsake

Homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and forensic examiner Maura are back in Ms. Gerritsen’s latest novel, The Keepsake.

Archaeologist Josephine Pulcillo is one of the youngest and most beautiful women in her field. Josephine is very excited about her latest discovery involving a mummy called “Madam X”. Upon further review, it is determined that the mummy is not an actual mummy but in fact a murder victim. When Jane goes to investigate the location, where the body was discovered at, she gets more then she bargained for. It seems someone has found the perfect setting to stash their own collection of bodies down in the museum’s basement. There the police find two more victims or at least parts of the deceased.

Josephine seems to have attracted herself an admirer. She finds a body in the trunk of her car. Jane and Maura will have to brush up on past in order to stop a killer from killing again in the present.

I enjoy trailing along with Detective Jane Rizzoli and Maura as they try to solve homicides and stop killers. I have been a fan of author, Tess Gerritsen’s since I first read The Surgeon. Right away I was spellbound by the precision of the killers that Ms. Gerritsen incorporated into her books as she was able to tie in her profession as a physician. Jane dominates in a male driven field. Because of this, Jane is able to stay on top. Maura may not be as hard as Jane but the one thing is she is loyal. She has been through think and thin with Jane and continues to stick by her side. I can’t wait to read the next book.


Anonymous said…
Two reviews in 2009? I wish I could read as quickly as you! Simply put, you are awesome.
Becky LeJeune said…
Man, I had a gift certificate and should have ordered this one!
Ruth said…
This looks like a great book! I've been tempted by Gerritsen, but so far haven't picked up anything of hers.
If you're up for an excellent thriller with a really interesting female lead, check out the first Honey McGuiness book, Threshold, by Bonnie Kozek. It'll keep you hooked right to the last minute.

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