Book Review: Wicked Snow


She needed a savior… Who she got were the Seven.

Getting abducted out of a parking lot would be terrifying to most, but for Snow, it was the saving grace she needed.
When the Seven Warlocks of Boston plan to use her for ransom backfires, she expects torture and death.
But the seven are not who they seem, and Snow soon discovers a new home for herself among those who she dares call lovers.
Magic and lust collide, dark hearts and love intertwine.
They must make a choice…
And the wrong one could leave Snow far more broken than ever before.

Wicked Snow is a ‘why choose’ dark romance Snow White retelling. And yes, the swords do cross on occasion.
Content warning includes explicit language, on page sex scenes with one female and multiple males, cheating, spousal abuse (not on page), murder, and gore

My Review

This is a quick, spicy novella. It definitely got me interested to check out more books by this author. We all know the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Yet, in this story, the dwarfs are tall, sexy men. Not all of the dwarfs are featured. There are like five mentioned but really only three that are mainly featured. They are Cole, Lucas, and Blake. 

That one scene in the shower is hot. While, I liked all of the guys, I actually found myself gravitating towards Blake aka Doc. It was the fact that he went from quiet to taking command when he was with Snow that was a turn on. Who knew that dwarfs could be so sexy. 


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