Book Review: Becoming Aria


A diverted plane. Three irresistible men. Morocco is the perfect place to hide.

I had no idea my husband was a powerful man in charge of a global drug cartel until I was coerced into betraying him. Knowing how I’ll be dealt with; I agree to enter Witness Protection. I’m too terrified of the alternative: a punishing and gruesome end.

When entry into WITSEC goes horribly wrong, I’m forced to flee New Orleans. Frightened and alone, my life as Embry is over and I escape with a new name—Aria.

Deprived of sleep and sick with stress, I cross paths with three gorgeous opera singers. Mateo, the melancholic gentleman Spaniard; Einar, the goofy, Viking-sized Swede; and Nikola, the take-charge gruff Bulgarian, are collectively known as Vox Tenor.

Hired as their chef in a luxurious Moroccan mansion, I have a few days to figure out how to stay on the run, if they’d leave me alone for a minute to think. They’re determined to wear down my defenses. I can’t afford to be vulnerable—my grisly secrets could get them killed.

Despite my best efforts, the sweet and protective men of Vox Tenor show me how life could be different in their arms.

If only I had the chance to find out.

I’m living on borrowed time and my worst nightmare is coming for me.

Can I ever escape being Embry and become Aria?

Becoming Aria is the first book in the Vox Tenor series. Book One ends in a cliff-hanger. If you’re ready for an epic tale of unconventional love and danger, this is your series.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Why Choose/Reverse Harem story. The leading lady is romanced by all three men of Vox Tenor. If you’re opposed to a woman being indulged by more than one man, please do not read this book. There is no bullying, no cheating, no MM, no FF.

Content Warning: violence, torture, sexual situations, backstory account of pregnancy loss, off-page sexual assault (no description). For mature readers only. Please read with care.

Must be read in order:

Book One: Becoming Aria

Book Two: Loving Aria

Book Three: Finding Aria

Can be read at anytime:

Vox Tenor prequel: Giselle

Giselle is a full-length standalone prequel to the Vox Tenor trilogy. Although the Vox Tenor trilogy must be read in order, Giselle can be read at any time, even while enjoying the trilogy. You can even skip Giselle and still enjoy the Vox Tenor trilogy, but why would you? You'll miss out on more details about Mateo, Einar, and Nikola, and the extravagant, busy life of being on tour with Vox Tenor.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. It is great to see Aria finding happiness after the major opening scene with her ex. She was able to blossom and really find herself with Einar, Mateo & Nikola aka Vox Tenor. If you asked me to pick a favorite among the three men, I would not be able to do so. Each one was great in their own way. 

Although, Nik is the more dominant one, it is Mateo that I was drawn to. It is always the quiet ones you have to watch out for as they will surprise you. When Mateo opened up as well....oh, boy! Bring on the heat. 

The last third of this book is where the storyline really picks up only to end with a bang of an ending. I can't wait to continue on with this group in book two. 


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