Book Review: The Institution


In the last installment before the finale, watch Grace learn her limits as O' Grady determines what risks are worth it.

O' Grady

She walked in here unlike any of the other posh Society women, but that didn't make her special - it couldn't. Because I couldn't afford any other distractions, not when there were so many others counting on me.

But goddamn her and those lips. She didn't dress like the others - act like the others - speak like the others. It was as if she'd been f*cking bubble wrapped and transported here just for me.

Would a taste really be that bad? Even if she belonged to someone else? Even if she was already paired in their never ending breeding program?


I feel his eyes on me wherever I go. He's there watching - waiting - caring. And when I go to bed at night, it's not the man assigned to me that I think about, it's him. Even if he's an impossibility - a pipe dream. Because what good is the imagination if not for dreaming. He's not anything like the man my parents chose for me. He's kind - built - crude - and funny. He's everything I shouldn't want, but…

My Review

I am fully invested in this series. From the evil Society to the various couples. After the ordeal that O' Grady has suffered from the Society, it was nice to see him find someone with Madi. While O'Grady may have seemed like a jerk, he is way better than her arranged matched in Paul. Paul is the d#ck. Right from the first moment that I met him, I wanted to push him in front of a train. 

Madi is not like the majority of the Society women. She still has an innocence about her that I just wanted to put her in a bubble and protect her. Luckily, that is exactly what O'Grady did. The scenes between O'Grady and Madi are intense and super spicy. 

Finally, there is the cliffhanger ending leading up to the finale. I am so amped up and ready for the big showdown. 


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