Book Review: Loving Aria


My heart only beats for my three men, but a New Year’s Eve countdown may stop it cold.

Even though we’re traumatized and exhausted, I’m thankful for this pocket of time to recover and plan what’s next. My love for Mateo, Einar, and Nikola grows stronger every day as we hide from not one, but two opposing forces.  

December should be a time of celebration, but instead we’re terrified, trying to figure a way out of this nightmare. The devoted and protective men of Vox Tenor are still determined to save me.

Despite feeling raw and fragile, my men turn their comfort into pleasure and I can’t help but give in. I’ll take those passionate moments with me to the grave. Because I know, as the final hour of the year approaches and impossible decisions loom, all my choices will lead to the same chilling fate.

I knew this couldn’t last and I need to save my men from the danger that’s chasing me. My past as Embry won’t allow my present as Aria to survive much longer.

How can I allow Mateo, Einar, and Nikola to pay the ultimate price for loving Aria?

If you’re ready to continue this epic tale of unconventional love and danger, “Loving Aria” is the second book in The Vox Tenor series. Book Two ends in a cliff-hanger. Please heed the content warning in the beginning of the book. Mature Readers only.

Must be read in order:

Book One: Becoming Aria

Book Two: Loving Aria

Book Three: Finding Aria

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Why Choose/Reverse Harem story. The leading lady is romanced by all three men of Vox Tenor. If you’re opposed to a woman being indulged by more than one man, please do not read this book. There is no bullying, no cheating, no FF, no MM.

CONTENT WARNING: violence, torture, sexual situations, attempts at self-harm, suicide ideation, post-traumatic stress disorder, pregnancy loss (off-page). For mature readers only. Please read with care.

My Review

It truly is recommended that you read these books in chronological order as this book picks up fairly soon after the first book. It definitely starts out with a fast, high intensity pace. 

I am really loving this series. In fact, I have grown even more close to Mateo, Einar, and Nikola with this book.  It is great seeing Aria become bolder and more comfortable with her men. What I really love is that not all the time Aria shares scenes with all three guys at the same time. This way it allows me to really form closer emotional bonds with each of the men. 

Voudon is a real threat to the group. The gang has to keep their guard up. Yet, blood will be spilled. I can't wait to read to conclusion to this trilogy. 


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