Book Review: Threads of Fate


A woman hunted. A monster broken. A desire that may just consume them both.


With my car dead, and no way home, an inconvenient night quickly takes a turn for the worse.

I'm pursued deep into the woods, my heart pounding with unbridled fear, and I'm certain this is it. I'm going to die out here, in the cold and dark. Just when I think all hope is lost I'm saved by the most unexpected rescuer.

My savior is a monster.

I don't know whether I should be terrified or enchanted. Hidden in the shadows, his bright red eyes lure me, drawing me in until I can no longer resist him.

I suddenly find myself at the mercy of my new fierce and vicious protector. I wonder if he's truly the monster I've made him out to be? Heaven help me, my inhibitions are falling away and I'm finding myself becoming more and more tangled in this creature's web of seduction...

Only, there's something else.

Something more.

He's keeping a secret, he's holding back something dangerous.

And I just might be the one to set it free...


Until that fateful night, I'd fought my desires for so long. I would have stayed away from her if that were possible, but I needed her...

Dark and smooth, captivating and delectable, she is gorgeous, a feast for my senses. My desire for her burns in every fiber of my being, my lust undeniable. She is my every fantasy made real, temptation embodied... The very thought of being her lover is devastating torture.

I'm a monster. She is a human.

I'm dangerous. She is untainted.

But I want her.

My feelings for her are consuming me.

I should stay away from her but the temptation is too great, the need too deep. Rhianne has captured my heart, and now the threads of our fates are tied, she is bound to me as I am to her.

But I run from my past, from the darkness that once held me captive. It’s something I cannot escape. Rhianne is my salvation, my light in the dark, but I may just be her undoing.

She doesn’t know who I am.

My secrets threaten to unravel when she becomes entangled in my web, and the monster inside me threatens to destroy us both .

Within this book is a steamy monster romance, with quite a few triggering and heavy themes. It's a story of dark desire, sizzling chemistry, and a seductive, unbreakable bond that may just have rules of its own.

This is a stand-alone and is intended for Adult audiences, if you like your romances dark, sexy, and forbidden, you prefer monsters over men, a bit of kink, and a guaranteed HEA (albeit a bit twisted) then this book might just ensnare your heart.

My Review

I am late to the "spider" romance genre. This is a good introduction to this genre. I really loved Sephtis. He is a gentleman, even if he is a beast. There is a lot of funny moments in this book. I found myself laughing a lot of times. This is due to Sephtis learning to navigate the "human" world. 

Rhianne and Sephtis's relationship grew and became very steamy the more time they spent in each other's presence. Who knew that having more than two arms would come in so handy. While I did really enjoy this book, I do wish that Sephtis had been in his "spider' form more than his "human" form as that is a big reason of why I did pick up this book to read it. Yet, I enjoyed this book that I would read more by this author. 


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