Book Review: Sinister Legacy


I was born with darkness in my veins.
My name is Keira Hill. I’m the daughter of one of the country’s most notorious serial killers.
I hide in plain sight. Pretending to fit in. Pretending I’m not haunted by my father’s skeletons.
In two months’ time, he’s scheduled to be executed.
With a copycat killer on the loose, my world is turned upside down when I find myself at the center of the killer’s twisted mind games—the queen on the chess board.
If I want to win, I must embrace my own darkness.
The legacy I have spent my life running from.
I must play the game. 

It started out as a silly dare. Fuck Jimmy Hill’s daughter. But it quickly morphed into something far more.Especially now that Blackwoods is terrorized by a vicious serial killer who has his eyes on Keira, the girl who’s quickly slithering inside my veins.

I’m the only one who sees her—the only one who knows how to purge her darkness. The only one twisted enough to match it with my own and offer it back in spades.
The only problem? Keira belongs to someone else.
As if that will ever stop me.

Sinister Legacy is an 18+ erotic horror novel. This book is very dark and includes graphic sexual content, intense scenes of primal play and CNC, graphic violence, and strong language. A full list of trigger warnings can be found in the front matter of the book. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

My Review

I absolutely love this book. It is exactly what I was craving...dark, gory, addicting, and so much steamy goodness! Dark romance readers will definitely want to pick up a copy of this book. 

Keira really came out of her shell and into her own with King. He is the book boyfriend that booktok is all about. Just thinking about him makes me very hot with need. The story got more twisted the further you read it. While, the physical scenes brought the steam, do be aware of the triggers. I can't get enough of Harleigh's books. She is an autoread author for me. Sinister Legacy will bring you sweet dreams!


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