Book Review: Sweet Agony


I hurt the one person I care for the most in this world. I shattered his heart into pieces. And now I’m not sure if our relationship can be salvaged.

We grew up together. All three of us. Then one day, our dynamic changed. And hormones and lust got involved. It messed with our relationship. Friendship and love are two things that don’t mix well together. I learned it the hard way.

One day, he walked past me with a loose towel around his hips and droplets of water cascading down his chest, and I knew in that instant our trio would never be the same. Because it woke up feelings in me I never knew existed before that instant.

He was my best friend’s brother. The one we always looked up to because he was older than us, and by definition, wiser. And forbidden.

No matter how I try to ignore the throbbing of my heart every time we’re together, my traitorous emotions make me believe we could do this. Be in love.

Until I decide to give my dreams a try while he goes around the world, trying to pursue his own risky life mission.

We promised each other forever, no matter the time and distance settling between us, we won’t let them spoil what we’ve been so adamant to protect all these years. Our hearts. And our love.

No matter how much we’re ready to fight for our happily-ever-after, life and circumstances are trying to keep us apart.

But I won’t back down. We’re meant to be together. Our love is written in the stars. And tattooed on my heart.

Is our love story worth fighting for? Or is it doomed from the start?

My Review

OMG! This book it crushed my heart and pieced it back together somewhat. What I mean is that after the ending I rushed to grab book two as I needed to see how it all ended. The friendship relationship that Dahlia and Carter share is something very special. One that is worth holding on to and not letting go. 

That is why when Dahlia and Jeffrey formed their relationship it did sting. This line from the book sums it up..."Both stared at me like I held the truth to eternal life. "

Jeffrey and Dahlia had all the odds stacked against them with their relationship. What they were experiencing with the raw emotions really felt like a real relationship. In other words..."As if my heart doesn't know how to beat when you're not around. " and "We are both combusting together."


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