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Book Summary:

Tess Oliver's memory is a killer.

When the lead that could save her law practice is destroyed in a suspicious fire, only her recollection of it remains. Tess can relive memories, but her gift comes at a cost. The last time she used it, she nearly died.

This time, she only takes a peek. A single moment spent in her memory of the defendant's encoded document gives her a brutal migraine and a phone number.

Luke Broussard answers her call from the wreckage of a downed plane. His charter passenger is dead. A mutated virus seeps from the man's broken cargo. And when rescuers take Luke to an Atlanta hospital, the virus comes with him.

Tess follows her lead to Luke and finds an instant connection. As they run from a psychopath who'll stop at nothing to retrieve the document, the city falls apart around them. The code hidden in Tess's mind may be the only thing that can keep the outbreak contained, but using her gift to decipher it could kill her. If the virus – or whoever engineered it – doesn't get to her first.

My Review

Tess's ability to relive memories is intriguing. It definitely does come in handy for solving cases. I did form a connection with Tess. The plot of this story is scary; especially after the pandemic. Because it is not that far off to imagine what was happening in this story could be "real". 

When it came to Tess and Luke as a couple, I was not personally feeling it. I felt like the story did not really need a romantic angle. In addition, that I did not connection with Luke like I did Tess. The pacing of this story was another thing as I found the intensity went in waves. I can't always remember what I read. Overall, though, I did like this book and would give this author another try. 

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Author Bio: 

Brooke French is a recovering lawyer turned writer who lives with her husband and sons between Atlanta and Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. She spends most of her days gleefully researching and writing about fatal viruses, terrorism, and murder. 

Brooke is likely on numerous watch lists.

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