Book Review: Dangerous Strokes


It was supposed to be my last con.
But I didn’t expect him to be the client.

Dangerous, powerful, and drop-dead gorgeous, Ronan Hennessey’s sharp blue eyes drew me in, but it was his wicked tongue that kept me there.

As one of the leaders of his underworld, I should have been scared. Instead, I was mesmerized. Enthralled.

So I sent him an invitation made of brush strokes and riddles, tempting him to chase me. One last adventure before I vanished to my island paradise after years of crooked black-market deals.

He was only meant to be a thrill. But when he called me his little witch, casting his own spell on me, my heart was in trouble.

Only, I didn’t know someone else was already hunting me, determined to get revenge and make me suffer for a past deceit. It was only a matter of time until this enemy found my new identity.

Meeting Ronan changed everything and mine wasn’t the only life on the line anymore.

Who will get to me first? The man who makes my soul sing, or the monster who wants to burn it?

Author’s Note: Dangerous Strokes is Book 1 in The Sanctum Syndicate series of interconnected standalones. It is a dark mafia romance where sensitive and violent situations, that could be triggering for some, are depicted. There is no cheating and it has a HEA. Please go to the author’s website for the full list of triggers.

My Review

First off, I do have to say that I did struggle a little bit in the beginning with finding an emotional attachment to Ronan and Annika. Yet, after a few chapters, this was no longer an issue. In fact, I could not get enough of these two. Annika told Ronan to step up and he sure did deliver!

I am booking my next trip to an island with a sexy man. So that I can be locked in paradise and not want to leave the bedroom. When Ronan would growl, I could hear his voice in my head. These two really brought the heat. Yet, they were not the only couple. There is Finn and Hanna, who I instantly hit it off with. They made a good couple as well. Looking forward to reading Vincent's story next. Dangerous Strokes is only "dangerous", if you miss out on this book. It is not to be missed!


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