Book Review: Kingdom of Hearts


Fire and ash.

No matter what I do, it all seems determined to go up in flames. My existence, my heart, my family….all that matters to me, one breath away from destruction.

Yet, no matter how battered or scarred I may be, I am no longer who I was. I am becoming what I was meant to be. Thanks to the powers thrust upon me, and the hearts to which they are connected, I am no longer a pawn to be protected. I am a force to be feared.

Created by Heaven’s own hand, I wasn’t just born to rule. I was born to destroy. And the next time The Augury takes from me, will be their last. I am a child of the Fallen. We don’t play games. We play to win.

Only, I have one heart left to claim before the final battle. And when I do, I will be ready for my kingdom. Because I may have been born a princess, but I am destined to be a queen.

Kingdom of Hearts is a dark spicy fantasy, why choose romance which means the FMC will gain multiple love interests throughout the story. It is the third book in the Children of the Fallen series and should be read after book 1, A Cursed Throne, and book 2, Legacy in Ruin. If you enjoy friends to lovers, fated mates, and chosen one tropes with smart, sexy, and smitten love interests fighting an ancient order alongside fallen angels, this series is for you! You can expect secrets, lies, jaw-dropping twists, heart-stopping kisses and a possessive group of MMCs that will do anything for their girl. It is for mature audiences and contains strong language and situations. Please check the author’s website for content warnings.

My Review

I have grown to love Nev, Declan, Luca, and Kai so much. With each book by love grows stronger as does theirs. There is so much steaminess that if I was wearing eyeglasses, they would be fogged up! I already was a fan of Declan and Luca but this time around it was all Kai. I was really drawn to him and what he was going through. Nev and her men are HOT. 

Although, the romance is not the only thing as the group still have to contend with the Augury. Things get even more intense as the gang fights the Augury. People will get hurt. The battle is the beginning, but war is coming. 


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