Book Review: Role Playing


Maggie is an unapologetically grumpy forty-eight-year-old hermit. But when her college-aged son makes her a deal―he’ll be more social if she does the same―she can’t refuse. She joins a new online gaming guild led by a friendly healer named Otter. So that nobody gets the wrong idea, she calls herself Bogwitch.

Otter is Aiden, a fifty-year-old optimist using the guild as an emotional outlet from his family drama caring for his aging mother while his brother plays house with Aiden’s ex-fiancée.

Bogwitch and Otter become fast virtual friends, but there’s a catch. Bogwitch thinks Otter is a college student. Otter assumes Bogwitch is an octogenarian.

When they finally meet face to face―after a rocky, shocking start―the unlikely pair of sunshine and stormy personalities grow tentatively closer. But Maggie’s previous relationships have left her bitter, and Aiden’s got a complicated past of his own.

Everything’s easier online. Can they make it work in real life?

My Review

This book is a charming and hilarious romantic read. Maggie aka Bogwitch and Aiden aka Otter make a cute couple. I love that they bonded over their love of role playing game. As my husband and i share a love of playing video, computer, and board games together. I actually got my husband turned onto computer games and he got me hooked on video games. 

It was nice to see Maggie open up and be her true self when she was playing with Aiden. Their connection showed that it was emotional first before it was physical. Connecting on the emotional level brought me closer to these two. Another lovely book by author, Cathy Yardley. 


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