Book Review: Hollywood Comes Home

Having a stable relationship when you’re the most sought-after actor is hard. Boston native, Chance Hardwin, is an A-list actor who once fell in love with an exotic dancer, Amber Wilson. After breaking up due to his filming schedule, he relocated to Los Angeles to hide his sadness from his friends.

Chance quickly finds himself falling into some trouble. He’s plummeting on a downward spiral of partying with celebrity friends, public intoxication, and drunken interviews. After hearing that Amber might have moved on with another man, he’s swallowed whole by torment and jealousy.

With the help of his friend, Ian Knight, he returns home to take back what was once his. Unbeknownst to anyone, Chance’s return to Boston has caused a lot of problems for someone who’s been wanting revenge for a long time. Will Chance get the ending he wants, or will it be too late?

WARNING: This book contains severely dark themes and graphic sexual content. Please check the book page on the author’s website for a full list of trigger warnings.

My Review

Oh boy. If you thought Just Business was hot, then buckle up as Chance and Amber are tearing up the pages of this book with their steamy passion! While I am all about the heat, it was the intense intrigue that really had me hooked. V.B. always knows how to combine both into one amazing story. Also, it was great to see Ian and Jenna again as well. 

Chance may be called "Hollywood", but he is not a clueless celebrity. He has heart and would do anything to protect Amber. They truly are meant to be together. 

This was one fast read for me. I could not get enough of the action and the romance. If you are new to this author, I do recommend this series.  

Warning: A cold shower is needed after reading as Hollywood Comes Home it is sizzling!


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