Book Review: Touched by Darkness


Touched by darkness and dipped in black ink, I call him out from the shadows where he hides, waiting to torment my nightmares.
After bringing sin into Eden, I do the one thing I should never do. Something I know will backfire.
I make a deal with Amenadiel to help me escape Eden.
Sin changes you. It invites the darkness inside to slowly feed on the last remnants of light.
And if I’m not careful, it’ll devour my soul, too.

Touched by Darkness is book 2 in the Sins of the Fallen trilogy. It can't be read as a standalone.

Content Note
This book contains sexual scenes and graphic violence that may be disturbing to some readers. A complete list of trigger warnings can be found in the frontmatter of the book.

My Review

After the cliffhanger ending from the first book, I was so ready to jump back into this world. While, the first book was sinful, this one is so very dark, angsty, and temptation filled.

Amenadiel made an appearance towards the end of the first book. He is a villain but one that you can't help but fall for as well. He is a bit of a wild card as I did not really know what his end game play was. Another person that I did not really pay attention to in the first book is Dmitriy, cousin to Daemon. He was likeable.

Aurelia is not the innocent soul that she was previously. Nope, she is a fallen angel with a bite. The guys are back...Daemon, Alaric, and Ronan. the dynamics of their relationship with Aurelia is deeper and steamier. Yet, the cherry on top of this group is Dariana. So much sinful goodness. 


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