Book Review: Sexploitation

Sexploitation: The divine art of using your body to get what you want, no strings attached.

Why fall in love when you can fall in bed with anyone you like instead? Life has always been easier that way, sleeping with who I wanted when I wanted. No apologies, no shame.

Until I found myself in a battle of wills with my latest hookup.

Elias Jackson is sinfully good looking and infuriatingly stubborn. There’s something undeniably sexy about his arrogant confidence. That Alpha energy makes my lady bits tremble.

But he’s twenty years older and a single father.

He was supposed to be a fun little conquest, another man to exploit. But he’s got me craving more of him with every touch, breaking all my rules just to get another taste.

There’s still one thing I’ll never give him—my heart.

My Review

I have been anxiously awaiting this book ever since I finished book one. Parker and Elias are at each other again with their witty banter. Only this time things turn from friendly to full on steamy! Elias this time around was calling the shots and taking command. So sexy.

He was a bit of a tease towards Parker, but it was worth it. He was right as he did make Parker his just like he said he would. I enjoyed this book so much that I literally read it in one day. Although, the only thing I did miss is that while still funny, I did not laugh out loud as much as I did with the first book. Yet, I do look forward to reading more books by this author duo. 


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