Book Review: That Pale Host

 "One need not be a chamber to be haunted..."

Charlotte brings her baby girl home from the hospital to the usual sleep deprivation and worries of a new mom, but something else has changed. Nightmares and moving shadows fill her with dread, and something or someone seems to be watching her.

As her daughter grows, so does Charlotte's fear. Whoever is watching has a message and will do anything to make her understand.

Even tear her family, her faith, and her self apart.

My Review

I totally had this book pegged as a spooky story. This is not that type of story. Yet, it is still "haunting" in other ways. This is probably one of the books that I have read in a way that really touches on faith. It is not "preachy" but it will have you thanking God. The underlying subjects featured in this story can be sad taboo topics but all ones that are very important to discuss. 

Although, because I was expecting a spooky story. I kept waiting for the chills. The way that Charlotte and David interacted with Rylie was interesting. I felt like Charlotte was trying but at times David was harsh to brush aside Charlotte's concerns. Also, there was a bit of good cop and bad cop going on between these two and Rylie. Overall, I did like this book and look forward to seeing what this author comes out with next. 


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