Book Review: Crown of Cinders


Going to battle against a Titan in the war of all wars, one woman is making history in an epic novel of ancient Greece by Emily R. King, author of the Hundredth Queen series.

May Gaea be with you…

Althea Lambros is growing into her power, wrestling with a burdensome heritage, and unwilling to concede to Cronus, the redoubtable God of Gods. For that, Cronus is making good on his promise. Calling upon the elder Titans, he’s bringing down his wrath on the world. Suffering quakes, tempests, fire, and hail, mortals are paying in blood for the war of the gods.

With the help of her friend Theo, Althea takes cover with her sisters, Bronte and Cleora. But they can’t hide forever. To mastermind the downfall of the evil king, Althea must recruit allies of her own before the aggrieved mortals surrender the sisters to Cronus in exchange for peace.

Is Althea formidable enough to win? It’ll take the help of her sisters and those willing to fight for the cause of the just. As the gods pick sides, Althea must divide heaven and earth to defeat the enemy and write the true history of the war to end all wars.

My Review

Where are my Greek mythology readers. This series is for you. I have read a few Greek mythology themed books and there were either hit or miss. Yet, this book is a hit. I like the young, updated versions of the various gods and goddess. 

If you have not read the first book, you could read this book without much issues but I can guarantee you that you will want to go back and pick up book one. 

Althea is the heroine that everyone wants. She is a leader that is not afraid when the odds are stacked against her. Feminine empowerment! Although, it does not hurt to have family by her side. Each character had their own personality and brought something to the story. Crown of Cinders is worthy of the gods!


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