Book Review: The Empress


There is a reason that the powerful get more powerful. Something that they don't talk about - or acknowledge. Sure you can get ahead the traditional way - by stomping on those beneath you to get to the top. By being ruthless and cut throat.

But you can also employ a Witch. Someone who will read cards for you in a way that gives you an edge over your competitors, cast spells for you so that your desired outcomes are seamless.

The Tarot Club is exactly this, only this time Corinne's client is the Bratva - the Russian Mob, and she suddenly finds herself reading cards to determine who should live and who should die by their hands.

And Dimitri is the man who will lead the Bratva into a new era. But does Corinne want to stick around and be part of that? Will she stay as their Empress?

The first book in a duet in the Tarot Club series is set to keep you on the edge of your seat gasping for more.

My Review

I have been really getting into the mafia romance world of late. This book is not your typical mafia book. The way the author intertwined this world with magick is unique and refreshing. The best part is that all of the spells incorporated in this book and used by Corinne are actual real spells. This shows the author's dedication to this book. 

Dimitri is the leader of Bratva. I could not really get a good reading of him at first. He was a bit closed off and did not really show a lot of emotion. Corinne is a breath of fresh air regarding female leads. She did not instantly fall for Dimitri. 

What I kind of struggled with reading this book is the pacing seemed slow to me. Corinne and Dimitri have a very, very, slow burning romance. It took almost the whole book before these two did the naked tango. When they did, it was HOT. I do look forward to seeing how this story plays out with Dimitri and Corinne. 


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