Book Review: Quaranteam


NFL quarterback Colton and his bestie Evelyn’s chemistry is off the charts in this friends-to-lovers sports romance.


He’s dreamy, over-protective and with a hero complex the size of….well, you know. Now that we’re living together during lockdown, we can’t deny the intense heat that sizzles every time we’re alone in the room. But maybe one week to get it out of our systems will be enough. Right?


Besides football, she’s the thing I love the most in this world. I’ve said we’ll always be just friends, but she’s got some seriously sexy curves. I can’t help but notice all the ways we could christen each room of my house. I’m tempted, but I can’t risk losing her.

Warning: Be prepared for laughs, sighs and oh-so-steamy moments. Grab a glass of wine, get cozy and get reading!

My Review

I am so happy to finally be posting about this book from debut author, K. Archer. I have been waiting months and months to read this book. Happy to report that it did not disappoint. It is so good.

Colt and Evie are great together. They go from friends to lovers. Once, they crossed that friend zone there was no stopping these two. The sexual chemistry between these two is HOT!! I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of Evie. She got to quarantine with so many hot guys. The male testosterone was definitely dominant in the house.   I can't wait to read the next book by K. A recommended read for sure. 


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