Relationship Maintenance 4 Men

Author: Alba Lewis
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 57
Genre: Self-Help
A practical guide to support men who love their women with 21 tasks, one each week.
Written a ‘just do’ guide and based on a survey conducted with over 100 women, the book aims to give actionable tasks that will create better relationships.

My Review

I thought that this was a nice practical guide book. Although, it may be written and geared towards men. Women could also use this guide to surprise the man in their lives and better their relationships. Or this guide could be used as a couple's guide together. The reason I say this is because this guide is really written as one that men use to follow. They are not supposed to tell the women in their lives that they are doing the weekly tasks because of this guide but to do the tasks as if they came up with these ideas. Than, afterwards the men are supposed to assess how their significant other reacted.

Again, as I was reading this book; I realized that I have done some of the things with my husband but it has been a long time since I have done anything for him. So, instead of waiting for him to do these things, I thought it would be nice if I took the reins and did these tasks for and with my husband. The best part of these tasks is that they really don't cost a lot of money other than just time.




Book Excerpt:

This book surveyed a group of women to find out what their thoughts were regarding romance. This is because ‘romance’ is by far the most sought after affection wanted by women. We all know that women love romance and that for men it is sometimes a mystery. But what is obviously true is that if you love your male friends you know they’d really like the woman they are in love with to be happy.
This book offers the highlights from the completed survey, and a 21 week program to bring that romance back in and see if it works. After all, theory without practice is sort of irrelevant. By the end of this course your relationship should be better.

 That’s the simplicity of it.

It if isn’t I’ll give you your money back.

About the Author


Alba is an author, comedy podcaster, strategist in the not for profit center, a certified de bono effective thinker and many other things.  Curious about choices and life situations Alba’s books offer the reader a chance to enter fictional and her factional worlds to have fun, encounter themselves, and perhaps even recognise the chances to change.

Her latest book is the self-help book, Relationship Maintenance 4 Men.






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