Are there really Perfect Days?

Perfect Days is a psychological thriller about an unnerving quest of unrequited love that will leave readers wondering what will happen next.
Téo Avelar is a loner. He lives with his paraplegic mother and her dog, Samson, in Rio de Janiero where he attends medical school. His best friend is his cadaver, Gertrude. By chance he meets Clarice―an aspiring screenwriter whose current project “Perfect Days” follows three friends in search of romance on a road trip across Brazil. She’s his exact opposite: exotic, spontaneous, unafraid to speak her mind.
Téo falls in love with her instantly. After their brief meeting, he stalks Clarice, following her home one night and, when she ultimately rejects him, kidnaps her. Téo is certain that time is all he needs to prove to Clarice that they are made for each other. Together they embark on a twisted, dark odyssey across Brazil, tracing the same route outlined in her screenplay. What follows are anything but perfect days.

My Review

Wow, if the rest of the books that Mr. Montes writes turn out like this, than, I can't wait. I grabbed this book and started reading it. Warning: This book is addicting. I finished it in a matter of a few hours. Although, sleep was delayed as I started this book before going to bed.  I could not stop reading. The quiet ones do you have to watch out for.

This is not one of those psychological thrillers were it creeps up on you and messes with your mind. No, it is one of those books where you are instantly hooked by what you are reading. It might even seem a little unbelievable but you can't stop reading as you are intrigued and want to see how it all plays out. Are there really Perfect Days? Oh and did I mention that this book had a feel of Misery.

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